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How To Turn Off Screen Overlay Detected On Any Android Device

Hey TricksBugs Viewer today i will tell you about how to solve Screen Overlay Detected issue and fix this issue so following all steps carefully and its work on any android device success already tried and problem solved securely so many peoples having same problem so i posted today this solution so follow this steps !

What is screen overlay detected ?

How To Turn Off Screen Overlay Detected On Any Android Device

Screen overlay detected is like a feature used by almost every android app Yes ! You Heard it Correctly Screen overlay detected is one of the best feature of many android apps which enable any application to appear on top of another application like chat heads of Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

Why Screen Overlay Detected Appears ?

Screen Overlay Detected appear as per the android marshmallow 6.0 terms and policies when you install any new app into your android Marshallow device then you need to manually grant to all permissions such as [Storage – Contacts – Camera] but due to some bug ar android marshmallow version you need to turn off screen overlay detected of all apps while accepting permissions of any application & if active screen overlay detected of any application is observed while accepting permissions then a sudden pop up with screen overlay detected massage will appear.

Screen Overlay Detected t change this permission setting you first have to turn off the screen overlay detected in Settings > Apps

How To Turn Off Screen Overlay Detected ?

> Solution of Screen Overlay Detected !

Step 1. Open Settings then click on apps.

Step 2. Click on three dots on top right corner and tap on configure apps.

Step 3. Click on draw over other apps.

Step 4. Now a list of downloaded apps that have screen overlay detected permission will appear.

Step 5. Now to get the whole list of screen overlay detected apps including your system apps click on three dots on top right corner and then select ‘show system apps’

Step 6. Now simply turn off screen overlay detected for all apps one by one

Thats it now your screen overlay detected problem solved successfully and now you not disturn by screen overlay detected problem thanks !

End line – Today i will telling about screen overlay detected problem solution so i sure after you read this artical you got solution and easily you solve your problem selfly without need any person screen overlay detected problem solved yup ! i hope you like this so share this information with your friends and family because this problem is common thanks for visiting our site Tricksbugs and keep supporting us.

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