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Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex

Pokemon Sun and Moon Natures is a key feature in the game. It was firstly introduced in Generation 3.

These natures increase a specific statistic of your pokemon. However, a point to note is your pokemon can’t have more than a single nature. Out of 25 different pokemon nature types, your pokemon gets one nature. These natures are randomly given to each of the pokemon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon natures, as said earlier affect statistical growth of your Pokemon. Once your Pokemon is affected by a nature, its statistics are increased by 10%.  When a certain stat is increased, another stat of it goes down at the same time.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex

Here’s a sorted table of all Pokemon natures Sun and Moon. See how natures affect, give bonuses and decrease.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex

For most cases it’s preferable to get a nature which lowers down either Special Attack or just Attack and increase some other stat which turns out useful.

It’s a strategy a Pokemon trainer should be aware of. For example, Espeon favors Special moves, therefore if its Attack stat decreases and some another stat is increased, it’s preferable. Since Espeon favors Special moves, its Attack would already not be in use.

Take a look at this chart and see which nature will be most ideal for your Pokemon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex chart

There’re many trainers who take advantage of Natures. They take advantage of Natures which excel in well in exchange of reducing another stat that they never use. One of the best examples is Alakazam with a Modest or Timid Nature.


A Pokemon’s nature is also given from the berries it likes or dislikes. Each type of a berry determines one stat to the Pokemon.

  • Defense – Sour
  • Speed – Sweet
  • Attack – Spicy
  • Defense – Bitter
  • Attack – Dry

Berry a Pokemon likes is most likely to increase its stat, and the berry it dislikes is the flavor of its lowered stat.

For example, a Sassy nature Pokemon likes Bitter berries so Bitter berries will raise its Special Defense. However, a Sassy nature Pokemon will not like Sweet berries which will lower its Speed.

Here’s a brief overview of stat linked to each berry.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex chart list

A general point to notice:

If you’ve got a Pokemon having Synchronize ability that’s in lead of your party, you’d most likely have a 50% chance to encounter a Pokemon which will have the same nature in wild.

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