How To Install iOS 11 On Android Phone 2017 🍎


How To Install iOS 11 On Android Phone 2017  Hello viewers many peoples Iphone’s lover but many peoples not spent money on iphone thats for don’t take enjoy iphone features so today i will guide you How To Install iOS 11 On Android Phone 2017 and its not officially launch for apple but before i telling about this amazing feature so let’s do it.

How To Install iOS 11 On Android Phone 2017  ?

Step 1.  Install iOS 11 On Android Phone Download 5 Apps in your android device for looks like iOS 11 Your android phone apps link here

Download Apps :

(1.) iLauncher                : Download Here
(2.) Control Centre        : Download Here
(3.) Notification Centre  : Download Here
(4.) Apple Keyboard       : Download Here
(5.) Geak Camera         : Download Here

Step 2. Download Done after installed all 5 apps and then one by one open and set up easily like other apps then you android mobile looks like iphone and newest iOS 11 Install iOS 11 On Android Phone after you can use easily and you not getting any bugs and other issue its work smothly and fine 

Work Of Apps :-

  1.  iLauncher – Install iOS 11 On Android Phone in you need OS11 iLauncher and themes is a beatiful application with a relatively simple design experiance users will enjoy the slide effect or see your phone look faster access

2. Control Centre – Install iOS 11 On Android Phone for need Control os11 center is a control center help you have planes control for device android style os11. Control center contain commonly used switches. It can help you save time in changing wifi settings ,GSP,brightness and more all you need to do is click on the icons and get quick access to your settings this app allows you quick access to device settings.


3. Notification CentreInstall iOS 11 On Android Phone for need Inotify os11 is application for fans apple for manager notifications with style like os11 of apple inotify os 11 is free application for the users the app was developed by wang lee developer with research and working ecperiance i realized that the desire is a look like ios11.

4. Apple Keyboard – Install iOS 11 On Android Phone for need the apple keyboard is a cool / fast /smart keyboard for android smart phones its’s the best smart keyboard for android for fast sms / chat / email try it right now.

5. Geak Camera –  Install iOS 11 On Android Phone for need geak camera is here ! based on the opengl technnology geak camera provides you with the powerfull real time filters a clean and easy interface allow you to able you to take gorgerous photos andywhare and anytime look like iOS 11.

All Done it success to installed ios 11 on android phone now you use your android device same as iphone because all apps work exectly.

Endline – Install iOS 11 On Android Phone i hope you like because many peoples foing this but can’t perfectly now i provide all apps link and all about details to do easily and i sure you do it and get results so you like this artical so like this and hope you share this with your friends and family iphone lovers thanks for visiting and keep visiting also support us.

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