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How To Hide Whatsapp Images, Videos From Gallery in Android

WhatsApp become no. 1 messenger among smartphone users. WhatsApp has lots of features. now whatsapp also added free calling features. No Doubt, you use WhatsApp day and night and have much more addiction.
You sending and receiving images and videos through WhatsApp. Some time our friend send vulgar images and many thing. so we want to hide whatsapp images & video folder from gallery. but don’t know how to do this.
Here i have created this post to guide to step by step process to hide your whatsapp images folder from gallery. You can also Hide WhatsApp Last Seen.

You have a android phone and using WhatsApp and also want to hide WhatsApp images from gallery. Please follow steps to complete this process.

Steps to Hide WhatsApp Media Folders From Gallery:

Hide WhatsApp Media Folders From Gallery

Step 1. First you need file manager app. if your device already have then Launch the file manager App. Otherwise you can install different file manager App on Your Android device like ES file Explorer, total commander File manager App etc.

Step 2. Now Find your WhatsApp media folder using the file manager. Commonly it is found on Home >> SD card >> Whatsapp >> Media.
Step 3. Inside the Media folder you will now see a sub folder named WhatsApp images.
Step 4. Now simply tap on that folder for few seconds and you will find some options, touch on Rename then you have to put (.) in front of that Folders name, it would be look like this; .Whatsapp images.

Alternative Way (Method 2)

Step 4. When you enter into Whatsapp images folder, you can also create a .nomedia file inside this folder. You can create new file by clicking on the Plus button and select the file option.
Step 5. The Whatsapp images will be hidden from your Android phone, in order to changes simply remove that (.) and it will be reverted. You can open your Gallery and see your Whatsapp folder become invisible.  If it is still visible then you have to clear cache for Apps in your Android device. You can clear cache by Go to setting >> App Manger or Apps >> clear cache. Don.t forget to turn off hidden files option.
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Note:- Android OS is based on the Linux kernel if we Add ‘. or period‘ in front of folder or file name it will become completely invisible.

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