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Top 10 Best Coke and Popcorn Alternatives

It is very sad and heartbreaking that we cannot access best free streaming site Coke and Popcorn which we used to love. We have spent lots and lots of hours watching our favourite movies and series. Today we are going to share Coke and Popcorn Alternatives list with you which you are going to love.

You might be searching any other way to watch movies and shows online right? We have gathered a lot of Coke and Popcorn Alternatives only for you so that you can enjoy the movies on weeknd and holidays and chill. All the alternatives mentioned in this article are safe and secure just like Coke and Popcorn so don’t worry about privacy violation, just enjoy your favourite movies and shows.

Top 10 Best Coke and Popcorn Alternatives

coke and popcorn alternatives

It took us a while to get the list of best streaming sites where you can watch free movies and tv shows. We are sure all these alternatives will satisfy your need of watching movies and also your online privacy will remain safe at the same time.

1) Popcorn Flix

popcorn flix

Popcorn Flix is one of the best coke and popcorn alternatives. You can watch all the latest movies and tv shows for free on this site. Popcorn Flix is totally secure and contains large number of latest Tv series released on the net.

2) Niter

niter coke and popcorn alternatives

Niter is one of the best and most trusted coke and popcorn alternatives which offer high quality streaming in ultra HD format. The best part about Niter is that it frequently updates the there site so that users can enjoy the excess the latest movies and shows quickly without any trouble. Niter is identical to coke and popcorn and it’s design is very similar to Netflix so people who use Netflix can easily use Niter.

3) SolarMovie


SolarMovie is considered as one of the best coke and popcorn alternatives. It is because SoarMovie is easy to access and has latest movies and shows in it. The best feature of SolarMovie is that it contains a search box where you just need to enter the name of movie or show you want to watch and it will give you the search result quickly.

4) Tubi TV

Tubi TV coke popcorn alternative

Tubi Tv is a clone of Coke and Popcorn as it has all the latest features which Coke and Popcorn used to have. So we are sure you are not going to miss any services and movies as Tubi TV is there for you to get your weekend sorted.

5) Showbox

Showbox coke popcorn alternatives

Showbox is the best apps for free streaming of movies and tv shows. you will get to watch movies on your smartphone for free. So when you are travelling you will be able to watch movies on your phone to kill some time. The Showbox app is available only for android users and you can download it from Google Play store for free.

6) Kodi

kodi for android

Kodi is a open source entertainment softwhere which allows users to watch movies and shows unlimited times for free. You don’t need to pay a single penny to watch latest movies. Isn’t it really very cool. Kodi has multiple new third party add ons which helps in getting new and latest movies and shows add to it’s software.

7) Movie Zion

Movie Zion

Movie Zion is the only website where you can submit a request to watch the movies and shows of your choice for free. Movie zion is considered as the best alternative to coke and popcorn. we are sure you will love to use Movie Zion as who doesn’t like it when you get to select your own movies and watch it for free.

8) Prime Wire

prime wire

So far the best in the business and considered as coke and popcorn alternative by everyone in the world. Prime Wire not only has Movies and TV shows but it also offers latest Songs from around the world. So this is add on to the existing collection of movies and shows. If you are bored then you can always listen to songs of your choice.

9) Crackle


Crackle is very impressive when it comes to watching movies and TV shows for free. Crackle offers best and latest movies and tv shows in High Quality which makes your experience to watch movies even better.

10) Snag Films

Snag Films coke and popcorn

If you are vintage movies fan then Snag Films is for you. It has the best of the best hit movies released worldwide. Also Snag films website look and feel is quite similar to Coke and Popcorn and it is considered as the best alternative.

How to watch Coke and Popcorn Game of Thrones

We know that Coke and Popcorn official site has been shutdown due to legal issues and piracy concerns so you will not get a chance to watch Coke and Popcorn Game of Thrones on it. But yes you can definately wat it on the list of alternatives mentioned above in the list. We don’t want you keep waiting for the latest GOT episodes to we have listed alternatives and you can watch it their.

We hope you loved our collection of coke and popcorn alternatives. kindly comment below of we have missed any alternatives in the list. Also let us know what do you thing about our site TricksBugs in the comment section.

Note : We do not support piracy. We listed alternatives just to inform people and keep them updated with the latest trend.

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